lunes, 11 de febrero de 2008

WITH ( Marzo 08 )

Creditos: KumiLoveS

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  1. Wooo que mona que kuka que todo. Esta guapisima omosiempre. Gracias por la info!!!!

  2. Seriously, STOP forgeting credit for KumiLoveS or you wxill have problems. It's so evident that you make the credit disapear on the pictures !!! Everytime it is the same thing with Kumi sites... I understand why everyone hate her : it's because she have a bad fanbase, with people like you. Put credit of everything you stole, and everything you take in the future, thanks.

    PS : credit, or you will have big problem, OK ?

  3. yo pongo los creditos, pero los pongo en el foro, de todas maneras ya los puse aqui... ya esta bien??? pero usted tambien cogio esas imagenes de otra web y no puso creditos pero bueno... dejemos la cosa estar...

  4. About the other site, your'e talking about Kumi-chan right ??? It's not stoling, I found the scans on JPM and I putted the credits. But what you don't know is that Kumi-Chan stole my news and other thing from my site, and everytime I want to talk with him, he don't reply. Kumi-Chan is a fucking Kids, he is only 13.... So I stole his scan, to make him understand how hard it is when somebody stole your works. Understand ??? So next time, put the credit everywhere you put my work, cause I'm making the same : I'm always putting credits !

    Ok, maybe I was hard with you, but seen this eveytime is hard for me... I share it freely, so I think it's nice to leave credit when you take someone, like everyone do (not Kumi-Chan, but other are OK and always put credits). :)

    Then... Go Kumi !!!!

  5. mmm.. bonito no es por nada pero ella SIEMPRE y cuando digo SIEMPRE es SIEMPRE pone los creditos, solo tienes que ir mirando entrada por entrada y lo comprobarás, ella no tiene la culpa de que el crio de Kumi-chan no lo haga, así que no vayas diciendo lo que no es.

  6. Sorry, I didn't understand anything... could you please write it in english ? I don't speak spanish ^^

    (I just understand SEMPRE haha)

  7. "SIEMPRE" in any case.
    She said that u should take a look at all entries first, and then realise that she ALWAYS puts credits of every post.
    Also, if it's kumi-chan who doesn't put the credits then tell him and don't pay your bad nerve with Kumiko.

    I know my english is bad, but believe me, I do my best to make u understand what she said.

    Anyway, I think u should apologise for your bad words, 'cause she's not guilty.

    Bye & best wishes for everyone


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