sábado, 8 de noviembre de 2008

Regalos para el FC


Pues esto es un ragalo para quien compre la version del FC
uno es una alfombrilla para el raton y lo otro...
e leido por ahi que es un espejo... pero en la web pone algo de lata xDD

Créditos: SiteOficialKodaKumi & IloveKuu

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  1. Hi !

    Please don't cut the picture and give your credit ;). This picture is just available from the fanclub, and I did the screen ! Know that i won't post any pictures else if you don't respect credits from me (Negi & Utena-chan @ AHS) and Fanclub ;)

  2. I did not take anything from your site, that image out of the site oficil of Koda Kumi.
    check this out:

    see? the image is on that site.

    Please Know Before You acknowledge.

  3. OMG I'm sorry I thought i was on KUU SOURCE, not on I LOVE KUU O-M-G SORRY =________= ! Because they took the photos, we see half of the logo but they cut it ^^ ! SORRY XD !

  4. nothing happens ...

    Check only that but the next time before accusing ok? xD

    Thanks for visiting I love kuu ^ ^

  5. LOOOL, i visit your site everyday, you make a very great job :D ! And the wall of SWM is awesome ;)


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