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Tour Black Cherry Tour (All Live Band)

So I did abit of digging and look what I come across..Kuu's tour band members as well as the dancers! =)
Keyboard - SUNNY
Drums - Miyata Shigeo (宮田繁男)
Bass - Sawada Hiroshi (沢田浩史)
Percussion - Nakashima Obao (中島オバヲ)
Guitar - 近田潔人
Chorus - Tanaka Yukiko (中島オバヲ)
Chorus - Daniel Morgan
Backup dancer (total 9 members)
Female - MAIKO, NATSUKO, KAICHOU, JuNGLE, (one more member)
the female dancers are definately the new ones she's been using lately..JuNGLE, is an old dancer she was in Hot Stuff PV and was at Secret ~FCLL~ and in FREAKYthe others I'm not sure by name...
but there's definately the afro chick from FREAKY, the chick with red hair from FREAKY, the chick with shaved hair from BUT live performances and someone else...
Some blogger was saying how Kuu was not dancing as well...
but who knows..And apparently a member from the crowd gets taken onto the centre stage during "Heat" or something...
And got some pictures...
another photo from the tour concept book // a camera shot of inside the arena // and a shot of Kuu in one of her outfits..

Ale!!!! a traducir!!!! XD

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