domingo, 27 de octubre de 2013

|Setlist| Let's Party Vol.2

01. Lay Down
04. Candy
05. Hot Stuff
06. 最后の雨 (Saigo no ame)
07. you
08. Rain(Unplugged Version)
09. You're so Beautiful(Acoustic Version)
10. ONE
11. Can We Go Back (Prog5 Handz-Up Electro Remix)
12. POP DIVA (KOZM(R) Remix Lucas Valentine)
13. Hey baby! (FUTURE HOUSE UNITED Remix)
14. Whatchu Waitin' On?
15. Dreaming Now!
16. Good☆day
17. 未発表曲 (Tema inédito)

Créditos: kiのtrumpet@Baidu & Yumina@peeproom

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